Coaching Public Service Employees Certificate Program

(32 CCE Hours: 8 hours independent study, 24 hours classroom training)

Course: Coaching Public Service Employees: Creating Successful Public Leaders Amidst Complexity, Chaos and Change

This certificate program course, based on the instructor’s book, Leading Forward: Successful Public Leadership Amidst Chaos, Complexity and Change, prepares coaches to coach federal public sector leaders. It includes eight 3-hour classroom modules:

  • Module I: Overview of Public Service, Leadership & Management
  • Module II: Agile Learning Capability
  • Module III: Adept with Ambiguity
  • Module IV: Adroit at Thinking Strategically
  • Module V: Ambitious Drive to Execute
  • Module VI: Creating Personal Development Plans
  • Module VII: Coaching Public Service Leaders
  • Module VIII: Coaching Public Services Leaders

During this program, coaches will learn how:

  1. federal agencies differ from the private sector and how they operate as part of the US government,
  2. to coach public service leaders by understanding the unique challenges facing them,
  3. to design actions, planning, and goal setting around how to engage in deliberate practice and strive for achieving mastery in the four Leadership Meta-Competencies: Agile Learning Capability, Adept with Ambiguity, Adroit at Thinking Strategically, and Ambitious Drive to Execute, and
  4. to administer and score the Public Service Leadership Assessment.

For more information or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact either Val Hastings at or John Lybarger at