Coaching4BusinessLeaders – Basic Coach Training

Are you curious about coaching and how it can impact your organization? Looking for a strong introduction to coaching? BASIC COACH TRAINING: A Coach Approach to Leadership is the perfect place to begin.

Basic Coach Training is designed to equip leaders, organizations and coaching professionals with basic coaching skills that can used to coach others both internally and externally. The skills learned in this program can be integrated with current leadership skills and incorporated into team and organizational processes. Coach training can dramatically enhance effectiveness and increase the impact within individuals, teams and the larger organization.

Participants in this training will:

  • Gain a strong understanding of coaching and the distinction between coaching and therapy, consulting and feedback.
  • Develop core coaching skills which can be incorporated into team and organizational processes.
  • Receive a combination of coaching theory and practice.
  • Observe LIVE coaching.
  • Learn an easy to implement coaching model.

A Certificate of Completion will be offered to those who have completed the Basic Coach Training program.