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If you are an individual who is interested in coach training, please refer to our Coaching4Today’sLeaders program at

If you are are a business or organization looking to provide an in-house coach training for your team, then the Coaching4BusinessLeaders Professional Coach Training Program is ideal for you. Continue reading for more information on this program.

Develop your effectiveness as a leader. Learn how to empower others. Earn your coaching credential while tapping into your leadership potential. Coaching4BusinessLeaders Professional Coaching Training program will bring coach training into your business or organization. We provide training in-house to your business team. For more information or to schedule training, please contact:

J. Val Hastings, MCC
President and Founder, Coaching4BusinessLeaders
Phone: 484-945-2767
Fax: 877-381-2672

Trigena Halley, PCC
Program Director, Coaching4BusinessLeaders
Phone: 801-915-4046

Coaching is about getting results by bringing out the best in individuals, teams, and organizations. Coaching isn’t about fixing or solving problems; rather, coaching is a developmental or discovery-based process that promotes development and sustained results. Similar to athletic coaches, coaches further develop the skill and talent already inherent in the individuals, teams and organizations they coach.

An enormous benefit of coach training for leaders and other professionals is that as part of the training process, leaders and professionals receive their own coaching. That means dedicated one-on-one time to speak openly about challenges, goals, and outcomes. It means having someone else who is committed and able to draw out the best in YOU, so you are showing up at the top of YOUR game. This is a great opportunity to have support for your own development and solidify your coaching skills at the same time!

The Professional Coach Training program is ACSTH approved by the International Coach Federation and includes the following classes (Click here for class descriptions):

  • 101: An Overview of the Core Coaching Competencies (16 hours)
  • 102: The Coaching Leader (6 hours)
  • 103: Practice Lab – Level One (8 hours)
  • 104: Coaching Intact Teams and Groups (8 hours)
  • 105: Group Coaching Practice Lab (8 hours)
  • 106: How to Get Started as a Coach (4 hours)
  • 107: Common Coaching Scenarios in Organizations (4 hours)
  • 108: Conflict and Coaching (6 hours)
  • 109: Developing a Strong Personal Foundation (8 hours)
  • 110: Group Mentor-Coaching (8 hours)
  • 111: Individual Mentor-Coaching (3 hours)

Professional Coach Training Graduation Requirements — for ACC

Students must satisfy the following requirements to graduate from Coaching4BusinessLeaders and to be eligible to apply for their ACC credential from the International Coaches Federation (

  • Complete all Professional Coach Training required courses.
  • Work with a Coaching4BusinessLeaders approved Mentor Coach for a total of 10 hours.
  • Read and agree to uphold the ICF Code of Ethics.
  • Pay the $350 Exam Fee.
  • Pass the Graduation Exam which consists of submitting a recording of your coaching for review. (The coachee may not be another coach or coaching student.)

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