Faculty-in-Training Program

Coaching4Today’sLeaders/Coaching4Clergy is inviting coaches interested in becoming faculty to apply for our Faculty-in-Training Program. Our Faculty-in-Training Program is designed to thoroughly equip new faculty to be LIVE online webinar instructors. The requirements for this program include:

  • Current membership in the International Coach Federation and an ACC, PCC or MCC coaching credential. (Coaching credential applications in progress with the ICF are acceptable, although applicants will not be able to teach any Coaching4Today’sLeaders courses until successfully receiving an ICF coaching credential.)
  • A current copy of your resume, along with a cover letter highlighting your skills, expertise and experience. Your cover letter should also include a brief description of why you want to join our team.
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals that can attest to your teaching and facilitation skills.
  • You must be coaching a minimum of 8 individuals or teams.
  • Graduates of other coach training programs are welcome to apply. You DO NOT need to be a graduate of our coach training program to apply.
  • Candidates do not need to be a USA citizen to apply. We are a global training organization, and as such we are rich in its diversity. Fluency in the English language is currently required.
  • Candidates for this program understand that there is no guarantee of faculty status. Faculty status will be awarded to those candidates that actively participate in our program in its entirety and demonstrate competency. Participants may be absent from 1 class and still pass. The participants are responsible for the material that they miss during their absence.
  • Faculty in Training candidates must demonstrate competency using our learning platform and portal. Additional training in this area may be required of candidates.

Our Faculty-in-Training Program contains two training modules. Active participation and competency in all modules is required. The total cost for this intensive training consisting is: $499.00. Participation and payment for the program does not guarantee faculty status.

A description of each of the modules is listed below:

  • Module 1-Webinar and Curriculum Competency:Participants are trained in state-of-art LIVE webinar presentation. Participants also learn the Coaching4Today’sLeaders philosophy and curriculum. The dates for this portion of the training are:
  • Module 2-Classroom Competency:
    • Part 1– Every participant is also required to participate in our LIVE webinar classes as an observer for a minimum of 16 hours. The assignment of the courses to observe will be made in conjunction with the participant.
    • Part 2– Upon completion of Part 1, each candidate will contact Val to schedule a time to demonstrate curriculum and platform competency by teaching a portion of one of the classes that Val is leading. This demonstration will be recorded and reviewed.  Candidates may be asked to record a second curriculum demonstration.

The application process is the following:

  • Applications are to be completed and submitted.
  • Completed applications will be reviewed, followed by phone interviews of select candidates. (A telephone interview does not guarantee an invitation into this program.)
  • A very limited number of candidates will be invited to participate in our Faculty in Training Program.
  • Those candidates that have been invited into this program will need to reply and register. Full registration payment is due at the time of acceptance.
To apply for our Faculty-in-Training Program, click here:

For more information about Faculty in Training, please contact Val at val@coaching4clergy.com