1-2-3 COACH: Start Coaching in 60 Minutes

1-2-3-coach-no C4CWritten by J. Val Hastings, MCC

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This ebook gives you an overview of coaching and a coaching model. You’ll learn quickly:

  • What is Coaching?
  • How is Coaching Different from Therapy, Consulting and Mentoring?
  • The Five-Step Coaching Model
  • Your Next Step

This is an ideal way to learn about coaching and to start coaching within 60 minutes.

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PROFESSIONAL COACH TRAINING: Coaching4Today’sLeaders Textbook

3D FINAL COVER - PCT Coaching for Today's Leaders Cover English Final-scaledWritten by J. Val Hastings, MCC and Trigena H. Halley, PCC

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This is the official textbook for our Professional Coach Training.

This textbook contains an abundance of resources for the new coach. The topics covered include:

  • Getting Started as a Coach
  • The Building Blocks of Coaching
  • Common Coaching Scenarios for Today’s Leaders
  • Coaching Intact Teams and Groups
  • Creating New Awareness
  • Establishing Yourself as a Coach
  • Developing a Strong Personal Foundation
  • Coaching and Conflict
  • The Coaching Leader

Additional Titles Available through Coaching4Today’sLeaders

A COACH APPROACH TO LEADERSHIP: Enhancing Performance, Empowering Others

Written by J. Val Hastings, MCC and Trigena H. Halley, PCC

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This is the business and non-profit version of “The Next Great Awakening” book.

This book is ideal for the business leader or non-profit leader who wants to integrate coaching skills into their work, this book covers:

  • What is Coaching?
  • The Building Blocks of Coaching
  • A Five-Step Coaching Model
  • Coaching Scenarios
  • Your Next Step for Coach Training
  • Additional Coaching Techniques and Strategies

Rich with practical examples, this book will provide you with a solid foundational understanding of coaching techniques. The tools and exercises, along with additional resources will equip you to continue to practice and develop your skills, setting you firmly on the path towards coaching excellence.

COACHING AT END OF LIFE: A Coaching Approach to Ministering to the Dying and the Grieving

Written by Don Eisenhauer, ACC and J. Val Hastings, MCC

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This is the official textbook for our Coaching at End of Life Training Program.

We live in a culture that is uneasy with end of life issues. Yet death is the one reality we must all face. All will die, and all will experience grief.

This textbook will focus on the spiritual leader who wants to use a coach approach to minister to the dying and the grieving. Participants will take away practical skills and behaviors that will equip them to effectively minister as an end of life coach. In addition to the 8 Building Blocks of coaching, the reader will learn 8 Supporting Building Blocks for coaching the dying, and 8 Supporting Building Blocks for coaching the grieving. Practical tools for follow up are also introduced.